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Increase your profits and win new business for UK deliveries

Imagine this. It’s Friday afternoon and your planning is complete. You are looking forward to a weekend with your family. The phone rings. It’s your most important customer. They need a pallet to be delivered in Manchester next week. It’s an urgent delivery for a new contract. And they are expecting you to arrange it. Now!

Your customer calls again 10 minutes later to chase you – he wants to go home. He also adds that he doesn’t think there is a fork lift at the delivery point as it’s a building site.

Do you need to call your family to postpone your plans? No! Simply call Exact Logistics and we will help you make an on time delivery whether you want us to collect your freight in Germany and manage the whole process or if you want to deliver to us for onward transit to Manchester. Relax and leave it to us.

Exact Logistics is your UK partner you can trust to deliver

Exact Logistics is your UK partner you can trust to deliver

Exact Logistics is your UK partner you can trust to deliver

We can deliver anywhere in the UK or Ireland and you can also manage imports for your customers. We can collect freight from any UK business and deliver it to Germany or our depot for you to collect.

Here’s how we can help you to win more business and boost your profits:

  • CTL members – you can offer your customers a cost-effective, fast way to ship smaller orders of 1-2 pallets to or from UK. Within the CTL system sending a pallet to Birmingham is as easy as Berlin. Read more
  • International transport company – if you run your own transport to the UK you can improve the utilisation of your vehicles and offer your customers additional import and export services. Read more

Call Exact Logistics on +44 (0) 1788 422400

Access your consignment status online and track your consignment.


Please contact us on +44 (0) 1788 422400 if you need log in information

CTL Members

International Transport Companies



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