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Delivering to Birmingham is as easy as delivering to Berlin

When your customer has 1-2 pallet consignments to deliver to UK we give you a cost effective solution and confidence that it will go smoothly. You can book and track within the CTL system in the same way as domestic traffic. Your customer does not need to go to your competitor for his UK deliveries.

What can you offer your customer?

  • Cost savings – prices depend on pallet definition not weight
  • Better delivery times – daily departures mean your customers don’t have to wait for a groupage departure
  • Better cash flow – more frequent deliveries mean they can get paid quicker
  • Confidence – real time updates mean you can see the progress of the delivery and keep your customer informed
  • Flexibility – tail lift deliveries, timed bookings, ADR services mean your customer can meet the delivery requirements of even their most demanding receiver.

Advantages of working with Exact Logistics

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Save money

  • Prices depend on pallet definition not weight
  • Save money by stacking smaller pallets
  • Competitive rates for heavy weight pallets – price same from 501 kgs to 1200 kgs
  • Trunk to your nearest hub - Lauenau, Homberg, Grolsheim or Bottrop

Sell more to your customers

You can offer your customers a total solution for UK & Ireland with opportunities to sell them additional services:

  • complete coverage of UK & Ireland
  • a choice of:
    • three day fixed termin service to UK
    • four day Global Classic service to UK
    • four day Global Classic service only to Ireland
  • timed deliveries from 9am
  • 6m long pallet delivery
  • free tail lift or handball delivery
  • free book in service
  • ADR deliveries (transit time not guaranteed)
  • collect your customers’ small consignments from anywhere in UK:
    • three day fixed termin service from UK
    • four day global classic service from UK
    • four day global classic service only from Ireland
    • hazardous goods – transit time not guaranteed
    • cut-off for same day collections in UK is 12:00 CET
    • delivery to Bottrop hub

Save time

You can find all the information you need from quoting to invoicing on the CTL platform. You do not need to log onto another system:

  • Prices - give instant quotes with the Pricing Tool
  • Tracking & tracing – real time updates so you can keep your customer informed
  • POD’s - available on CTL platform within 24 hours of delivery

Improve customer service

You can offer your customers a very professional service:

  • Faster deliveries – daily departures mean they do not need to wait for groupage consolidation
  • Improve your on time delivery performance through working with a fellow CTL member who shares your quality standards
  • Your first time delivery performance will increase because your freight will be delivered by our local partner who knows the area well and speaks the receiver’s language
  • Fewer queries as you can see status updates on CTL platform • Deliver to multiple destinations on same day, even same time

Improve cash flow

  • POD within 24 hours of delivery means you can invoice immediately
  • Minimize invoice queries - you know the cost of every job so there are no surprises when you or your customer receives the invoice
  • Invoices will be raised through CTL so you can offset against your CTL revenue. No additional suppliers to pay.

How can you be confident in our service?

Your UK deliveries or collections will be managed by us through the Pallex network which has achieved a network wide ISO9001:2008 certification. With around 100 members in the UK there is a local expert close to your delivery or collection location. The Pallex award winning IT systems interface with our own system to give us real time information. We then pass this information back to the CTL platform. We operate a daily line haul between the CTL hub in Bottrop and our depot in Rugby. We collect your pallets from Bottrop the day following input and they arrive in Rugby the next day in time to meet our departure to the Pallex hub. The local Pallex member will deliver the following day or on the second day depending on the service you choose. We provide the operational and IT interface between the CTL and Pallex networks. This means we control the whole movement of your goods and we are a single point of contact for your questions. We take responsibility and will alert you if there are any problems.

Call Exact Logistics on +44 (0) 1788 422400

Access your consignment status online and track your consignment.


Please contact us on +44 (0) 1788 422400 if you need log in information

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